Tome of Divinity (Priest/ess Spells)

Acolyte Spells (beginner:level 1-3)
EMOTION READ: This spell allows the priest to perform an instantaneous reading of a single subject's emotional state. It can be used on any subject possessing intelligence
KNOW AGE: This spell allows the caster to instantly know the age of any person, creature or object on which he/she concentrates. The age is accurate to the nearest year.
KNOW DIRECTION:: This spell allows the caster to instantly know the direction of north. The spell is affective in any environment, whether underwater, underground, or in darkness (including magical darkness).
LOG OF EVERBURNING: This spell increases the amount of time a wooden object will burn before being consumed. Wood that is enchanted in this manner will burn brightly without being consumed for the duration of the spell.
MISTAKEN MISSIVE: This spell alters the appearance of words written in ink. When the spell is cast upon a written page, the ink imperceptibly begins to move. Over the next few days the message becomes progressively more illegible.

Skilled Spells (Intermediate:level 4-6)
EMOTION PERCEPTION: This spell allows the caster to sense the emotional state and the level of determination of one or more military units.
FRISKY CHEST: With this spell the caster can enchant any nonliving object. When any creature other then the caster comes within three feet of the object, it instantly sprouts appendages and moves away from the creature as quickly as possible.
HESITATION: Creature affected by this spell hesitate before executing their intended actions. Lighten Load: This spell reduces the weight of equipment, supplies and other objects by 50%. Weapons, supplies and even disabled chars can all be made more portable by the use of this spell.
MIND READ: This spell is self-explanatory. NAP: Creatures affected by this spell are put to sleep for one hour. Upon awakening, the creature is as refreshed as if he/she had slept for eight hours. The affected person recovers lost hit points as if he/she rested for a full night, Wizards can memorize spells as if real time had passed.
ZONE OF TRUTH: This spell prevents creatures within the affected area (or those who enter it) from speaking any deliberate and knowing lies.

Master Spells (Master: level 7-9)
ACCELERATE HEALING: This spell enables the affected creature to experience natural healing at twice the normal rate for 1-4 days.
CHOATIC COMBAT: When this spell is cast on a fighter, he/she is inspired beyond his/her years of training and is suddenly struck with numerous insights for variations on the standard moves of attack and defense. The spell only affects warriors. Circle of Privacy: This spell helps to discourage predators and trespassers from disturbing a campsite. The spell encloses an area of up to 50 feet in diameter. All sounds and scents generated within the circle are muted, making the area less noticeable to those outside the circle.
CREATE CAMPSITE: With this spell the caster generates a squadron of tiny invisible servants who create a campsite for the caster and his/her companions. The caster indicates the desired area of the campsite (an area of 50 foot radius or less) and the number of persons the campsite is to accommodate.
CRUSHING WALLS: This spell enables the caster to enchant a floor, ceiling, or single wall of a room to crush intruders.
DIMENSIONAL FOLDING: This spell takes the three dimensional world and folds it through a higher dimension (The fourth), allowing instantaneous travel between two locales on the same plane of existence.
DRAGONBANE: This spell prevents any dragons from entering the area of effect
FIRE PURGE: An area enchanted with this spell is protected against all types of normal and magical fires. Normal fires (including campfires, torches and oil fires) cannot burn in the affected area. Magical fires (including Fiery dragon breath, and spell-related fires such as burning hands, and fireball).
INVERTED ETHICS: This spell reverses the ethics of a person or group of people. While under the influence of this spell, a creature behaves in a manner opposite to the way he/she normally would behave.
INVISIBILITY PURGE: All invisible creatures who enter as area enchanted with this spell instantly become visible. Invisibility related spells do not take effect within the boundaries of the enchanted area, and magical devices such as potions of invisibility do not function.
KNOW CUSTOMS: This spell allows the caster to gain general knowledge of the customs, laws, and social etiquette of a tribe or village.
LAND OF STABILITY: This spell protects the area of effect and all creatures and objects within it to the following natural disasters: Earthquakes, floods, windstorms, lava and ash eruptions and avalanches.
MINDSHATTER: This spell allows the caster to create one of five possible forms of insanity in the subject. Here are the five forms.
1) Schizophrenia-This form of insanity is characterized by the loss of personality.
2) Dementia Praecox in this one the subject is totally uninterested in any undertaking.
3) Delusional Insanity With this one the subject is convinced he/she is a famous figure, I.E. (monarch, demigod).
4) Paranoia In this one the subject is convinced that they (whoever they are) are spying on him/her and plotting against him/her.
5) Hallucinatory Insanity In this one the subject sees, hears and otherwise senses things that do not exist.
MISCAST MAGIC: This spell can only be used against magic users (wizards, mages, Ect). It causes athe next spell cast by the affected magic user to be chosen randomly from his/her spells.
MODIFY MEMORY: This spell will help you to do one of several things.
(1)Eliminate all memory of an event the subject actually experienced.
(2)Allow the subject to recall with perfect clarity an event he/she actually experienced.
(3)Change the details of an event the subject actually experienced.
(4)Implant a memory of an event the subject never experienced. Age object: With this spell the caster can cause nonliving matter to age dramatically. (I.E. Diamond none. Silver becomes tarnished. Masonry cracks and weakens. Iron rusts and corrodes. Parchment cracks, turns brittle. Wood rots, crumbles, turns to sawdust. Grounding: This spell offers protection against normal and magical electrical attacks within the area of effect.
PHYSICAL MIRROR: This spell cause a localized folding of space. The folded space takes the form of an invisible disk up to 20 feet in diameter. Any missile weapon or spell that intersects this disk is instantaneously reversed in direction. Reverse Time: This spell stops all time within a 30 foot diameter circle of the subject. All creature and objects within the area of effect stand motionless, rivers stop running, arrows hang suspendedin the air. Any creature or object entering the area of effect is likewise frozen in time.
READ MEMORY: This spell allows the caster to read the memory of any subject. The caster experiences the memory with the same intensity as the subject.
RIGID THINKING: The creature affected by this spell is incapable of performing any other action other than the activity he/she is involved in when the spell takes affect
THIEF'S LAMET: A thief entering an area enchanted with this spell suffers a great reduction in his/her thieving skills.
TIME POOL: this spell allows the caster to cause a mirror, a pool of water or any other reflective surface to reveal a specific event from the past.
UNCEASING VIGILANCE: This spell enhances the casters ability to guard a person, place, or object. The spells affects are as follows, the casters sense of sight is magically enhanced, he/she has no need of food or water, and the caster is totally immune to the effects of magical and natural fear as well as sleep and charm spells.
ZONE OF SWEET AIR: This spell creates an invisible barrier around the area of effect that repels all noxious elements from poisonous vapors, including those created magically (such as stinking cloud).