GOVERNMENT: Upper and Lower Councils
Empress Aiyana Moonshyne
Upper Council Dark Angel
Lower Council Falina Rose Dahn Acholides

The Empress is the Founder and may not be demoted or removed by the council, unless treason is comitted. In the case of the Empress renouncing her position then the Council may vote in favor of a new ruler. The Ruler has many duties overseeing everything as a whole and may select anyone of her choosing to help with any task. The only exception is the Upper Council. All appointed persons by the Empress must see her first before doing anything that is questionable. (such as mailing lists, making missives and sending them to folks) All reports are to be sent to her and viewed for accuracy. She has the power to Override both Councils, having the final say so in any matter but if she breaks the law she can be tried for Treason and stripped of command or if she renounces her position as ruler

The Upper Council - They are to elect a leader if the Founder resigns, and if a law is not passed in the Lower Council they can vote on it to try and get it passed. The members of the High Council also are in charge of watching the guilds in the Empire. They are in charge of maintaining the government jobs, such as the Justice Council, but can hire people to run those. If a problem occurs then the member of the Council, not the hired help, gets blamed unless proven it was on purpose to get the councilman/woman in trouble. This council will be larger or smaller than the size of the lower, due to the fact the leaders of guilds or Kingdoms, including high ranking officers if they show they are active enough.

The Lower Council - The basic law making group. They can suggest their own and take ones from other groups or guilds. They must talk about the law and see how it will effect everyone. Only 1/3 of the members need to be present when discussing a law and 2/3 MUST be there when they vote. A law is passed if a majority of the Council votes for it to. If it doesn't pass it is stored. It can either be taken up by the Upper Council or revoted on in 30 days. A recap of the law must be given before voted on again.

Every 3 months voting and re-election will take place. There can only be 24 members of the Lower council.
If no one on the council exists or is not present..the matter will be handled by the Empress and her advisors.

Department Head *PENDING*
War Chancellor *PENDING*
War Representatives *PENDING*
Captain of the Mercenaries Katrina McKrain

Oversees the entire operation of all Wars to their full duration. All such logs and events that occur during a War come to this office's attention and the final tallies will be added into the proper files upon a War's conclusion. This department may have assistants to aid the War Chancellor in overseeing numerous wars or the many issues that prevail within one. The War Representatives are to keep track of what is going on during the war. Declarations of War are to be sent to the War Chancellor, and the Department Head is to keep the Empress informed with Detailed Reports.

Captain - is the head of the Mercenaries (substitute for Freelancers). The duty is to keep them in shape and skilled so they may be used in war...they do get paid and being in war is not a choice. Mercenaries WILL be brought in as reserves in times of war.

Head of Commerce *PENDING*
Scribes *PENDING*
Treasurers *PENDING*
Diplomats (Empire) *PENDING*
Diplomats (Guilds and Kingdoms) *PENDING*

The Head of Commerce handles all shop apps, reporting to the Empress before giving acceptance and handing in updates on the shops inventory sheets and money.
Reports all changes to the Empress (this is to keep the website accurate)

Scribes - Helps the Head of Commerce with inventory Sheets and help the Council with any recordkeeping such as organizing spell books, Documents, logs etc.

Treasurer-Helps the Head of Commerce with the shops to regulate money, Keep records of receipts, reporting to the Council with all incoming, outcoming and balance of money.

Diplomats - whether for Guild/Kingdom or Empire, handle agreements, Alliances, Treaties and represent (kingdom/guild, forum) giving updates, such as new rules or changes to a kingdom/guild when the Empress makes changes to The Empire/Forum.

Proctors(Magistrates) *PENDING*
Scholars of Divinity *PENDING*
Keepers of Lore & Magick *PENDING*
Directors of Contracts *PENDING*
Assembly of Networks *PENDING*

Proctors will handle fighting Matches, logging and keeping score to make sure cheating is not taking place. In the result of special matches such as DM's, Proctors are to send those logs to the Empress for viewing. These people also help in training the inexperienced and those that wish training to qualify for a certain rank (EXAMPLE: assassins)

Scholars - help the Empress keep track of Clergy applications and reg numbers. Also organizing church duties and spell books.

Keepers - are like scholars except they deal with the mages instead, helps the Empress keep track of applications, reg numbers and spell books.

Director of Contracts-helps the Empress with all the contracts avaliable, validating them and assigning people to certain tasks.

Assembly of Networks - Handles the Assassins, Thieves and Spies, giving weekly reports to the Empress and helping with reg numbers

Overseers Aiyana Moonshyne
Dark Angel

The Overseers review Requests for those wanting godlike power (4d) The requirements are to make a resume (accent on the e) stating why you should be godlike (3 paragraphs long) and have recommendations with reasons and signatures (4 of them) If it is accepted, there will be a series of tests to go through, not all of which you will be aware of beforehand. If you pass all the tests, you will be granted godhood.

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